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This website is here to help you with your fanfiction or original stories. It will give you suggestion books to help you. The books come from "Wattpad" and "Movellas". If you would like your book in the suggestions area then send a quick email to me at [email protected] and I will look over your story and see what I can do. Also if you want help writing your story then email me and make sure you tell me if you need help or you want your story in the suggestions tab.
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A Malec Fanfiction 

Story Of The Month

  1. Typed Fanfiction and Realistic Stories
    Typed Fanfiction and Realistic Stories
    Write your own stories from Fanfiction to Original
  2. Movies and Short Episodes
    Movies and Short Episodes
    Make a movie or a short episode for fun if that's more your style. Whatever you like, do it.
  3. Music Style
    Music Style
    Create a song or something. Dance. Play an instrument. Sing.
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